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Professional carpet software Explorug.

A piece of software that visualises the look of a rug in such a way that it can be presented to the potential buyer on the computer screen as realistically as a photograph,even before the production process has begun. The software allows to use available collection of carpets and load your own designs.
  • you can see your custom rug in the different rooms;
  • from your own custom color set you can drag and drop to change color in design;
  • you can easily save your new created carpets.
All designs are classified by categories such as Animal Contemporary, Ethnic, Floral, Geometric, Historic. Also you can load your designs using category Project. Just choose the category, then design and you get start to work with carpet. The software offer you to use the library of interiors and you always can load your own interior. As the end the customers can see any designs in any color combination in any room setting including their own, just by clicking on the designs and rooms and dragging and dropping colors, they can quickly find the best design for their room in their own choice of colors.


Applying color palette (1200 colors) you can create design in your colors combinations. Moreover the software offers the customization of textures (wool, silk, loop).
1200 colors

You can see realistic simulation as a carpet, close up views or laid out in different rooms. The software allows to browse the design under different categories to save the design in the rooms and order sheet or just image of carpet. You dont need use Adobe Photoshop.
wool, silk, loop

The software also helps in ordering carpet online . You need only choose the designs to change the carpets in case of need to customize the material and finally to fill in the order sheet just indicate the size, quality, texture of every color. You can add your commentary if you wish.

We hope for fruitful cooperation.

Download the explorug Users Guide (18 page pdf).

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