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Carpets Design Company

In the fast-paced, stressful and demanding world our home becomes immensely important. Our private space where we can rest our mind, body and soul and regain energy and strength becomes priceless.

Individual approaches to the home interior, its unique decor that will meet our exquisite taste and our inner world passion become the focus of creating the home environment. The personalized style of interior decoration becomes particularly important. Putting together wall finishing, furniture, carpets, interior accessories and every detail creates an exceptional art ensemble. All the interior elements should be harmonically combined and bring your home an aesthetical and unique spirit.

Our perception of carpets as an essential component of interior composition is the following. A carpet cannot be just a random thing in your home, even if it is beautiful and well made. It plays a far larger role it is the centerpiece of your interior. While harmonizing and integrating the home interior into a single piece of art, it adds warmth and comfort to your home.

In the creation of carpets we learned to combine the ancient traditions of carpet weaving (traditional knotted carpet weaving), the modern technologies of designing carpets and quality control.

Well-coordinated work of our designers, talented artists, experienced management team and expert rug weavers allows us to create carpets that become works of art. Our carpets are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they are also completely functional and of an excellent quality.

To manufacture our products we use natural materials wool, silk, jute, hemp etc in tandem with various weaving methods and techniques such as: sculptural effects, carving, antique washing etc.

We offer carpets of different designs in various styles from classics to avant-garde. Our goal is not to imitate famous designs but to create a unique piece of art. With a very delicate sense of fashion and style we introduce the latest interpretations into the classical designs. One of our greatest advantages is styling of famous rug designs from the past and the creation of our own designs in different styles.

We have tremendous experience in manufacturing rugs of different ornate and intricate forms, including carpets for stairs and oversized rugs. Each carpet comes as one piece without any seams.

Our artists created our own unique collection of carpet designs that is constantly growing and changing with the advent of fresh ideas and designs. This collection is gaining wide popularity among our clients.

We coordinate with the leading carpet manufacturers in the traditional areas of carpet weaving. We are adamant that safety regulations in the work environment are strictly adhered to. Of course, we also do not support or use child labor.

We take a great pride in our clients, our partners and our work.

We are open to new trends. Our company is in a constant development and progress.

Carpets Design Company

We are proud of our achievements. We are ready to cooperation.

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